Gagan Parmar MLOps Engineer

My Story

Professional Me

Hey I am Gagan, Currently working as an MLOPs Engineer for QuantumBlack(A Mckinsey & Company). I am passionate about automating things using DevOps practices. Furthermore, I have experience writing firmware for hardware (STM32 ARM board, NodeMCU, and Arduino UNO).


My favorite languages for systems programming, software engineering, and data analysis.


My preferred platforms for app development and component design.

Cloud & DB

My preferred technologies for cloud and database architecture.


My favorite tools for version control, code editing, container orchestration and container management.

Featured Projects

An IoT Based Low cost Pollution Monitoring system

A prototype for an Environmental air Pollution Monitoring System for monitoring the concentrations of major air pollutant gases has been developed. The system uses low cost air-quality monitoring nodes comprises of low cost semiconductor gas sensor with Wi-Fi modules. This system measures concentrations of gases such as CO, CO2 , SO 2 and NO2 using semiconductor sensors.

Vibration monitoring System

A POC(Proof of concept) for the vibration analysis of the equipments on vessel using NodeMcu/STM32 micro-controller board and single/three-axis accelerometer. Vibration monitoring is the most reliable method for assessing the overall health, or change in health, of rotating hardware on Vessel.


An IoT based low cost air pollution monitoring system